Repair Procedures

We ask that all non-emergency items be submitted in writing by using our “Repair Request Form”.  You may mail or fax them to the address shown on the form.  If a delay will cause additional damage (e.g., if a pipe has burst), please telephone us.  Only emergency reports will be taken by phone.  It is your responsibility to minimize damage caused by incidents such as leaking pipes.


A G Cam Ltd. Representative may be reached through the following:

During Normal Business Hours (Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00):  Call 503-263-2005

After hours, call Georgi Cam or Toni Cam at 503-931-3769

An emergency includes the following:

1. Total loss of heat or air conditioning.

2. Total loss of electricity – (contact utility company before reporting to G Cam Ltd.)

3. Plumbing leak that requires entire water supply to be shut off.

4. Total loss of water – (contact utility company before reporting to G Cam Ltd.)

5. Gas leak – leave home immediately and contact utility company.

6. Major roof leak.


Repair Request Form

 Processing of Repair Request Forms

Upon receipt of your written Repair Request Form, a representative of G Cam Ltd. will contact you to decide on the appropriate action to be taken.  An appointment may be set up to inspect the items listed on your request. 

When necessary, G Cam Ltd. will notify the appropriate companies to make repairs.  The companies will then contact you to schedule an appointment for the work to be done.  Most appointments will be scheduled during the hours of 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.  You may expect completion of your service request within three weeks, unless otherwise notified.  However, it may take longer if weather conditions, labor problems, or material shortages cause a delay.  The work will be done by G Cam Ltd. or subcontractors chosen by us.  The decision between repairing and replacement is ours.  If a scheduled repair is not done on the agreed upon date, it is your responsibility to notify G Cam Ltd., either by phone or in writing, so that we are aware of any outstanding repair items.

Any claims received by G Cam Ltd. after an unreasonable delay or later than thirty (30) days after the one-year period from settlement date will not be addressed and will become the responsibility of the homeowner to repair.  This includes the homeowner's failure to inform
G Cam Ltd. of any claims that remain unresolved for forty five (45) days or more.